Ewan McGregor and Christopher Plummer star in a by turns playful and funny, tender and poignant comedy drama about mourning. Inspired by writer-director Mike Mills’ own life, the story revolves around the relationship between McGregor’s commitment-shy graphic designer and his gay father, wonderfully played by Oscar-winning Plummer.

Starting in 2003, the film finds McGregor coming to terms with his father’s death from cancer and reflecting on their relationship, while embarking on the first hesitant steps of a relationship with kooky French actress Mélanie Laurent.

As McGregor mourns his loss, he’s inspired by Plummer’s example to embrace life more fully himself. It’s a delightful film full of winningly quirky details, including Plummer’s film-stealing Jack Russell terrier who talks via subtitles, and it also has interesting things to say about love, grief and self-fulfilment.