It’s the aftermath of Julie’s attack, and she’s found collapsed in the garden by Mrs McCluskey and her new elderly boyfriend Roy Bender. Julie’s rushed off to hospital and her frantic mum Susan – who only got married the day before – arrives shortly afterwards to hear that her daughter is in a critical state. There’s more drama at the hospital when Susan hears from Lynette that Julie had told her she thought she might be pregnant. Susan’s mightily miffed that her friend and neighbour never thought to tell her.

Julie does wake briefly from her coma to see Bree and Karl snogging, but then loses consciousness again. Meanwhile, while Susan’s at the hospital Katherine decides to make a move on Mike and then spreads word to Orson that Mike made a pass at her!

The police start questioning the Wisteria Lane residents about the attack, and most are gossiping that a new arrival, teenager Danny Bowen, may have been the one who strangled Julie, as the two had been seen arguing the night before. He insists he was out drinking at the time and gets Ana to give him a false alibi. But when Gaby works out that Ana couldn’t possibly have been with him, she gets Carlos’s niece to admit she wasn’t with Danny.

It’s not long before the police arrest Danny and march him away under the suspicious eyes of all his neighbours…