Belinda has a warning for Toadie

Toadie is stunned to learn that Sonya has asked Steph to move in. Meanwhile, Steph tells Amy that Sonya has admitted that she is jealous of her close friendship with Toadie. However, things get heated when Belinda accuses Toadie of manipulating Steph. 

Daniel encourages Nate to buy into the Freestyle Estate and seals the deal when he mentions that a recreation area and indoor pool will be built into the property. However, Paul decides that the features won’t be built due to his lack of cash. Imogen demands Daniel tells Nate about the change of plan.

When Sheila and Jimmy spot Amy and Kyle kissing, they both have very different reactions. While Sheila is pleased, the same can’t be said for Jimmy. Later, Amy tells Kyle that she needs time and space to think about their future, much to Sheila’s disappointment. Yet things go from bad to when Sheila unwittingly tells Jimmy about his dad’s criminal past.