Belinda makes a move on Steph

Steph is shocked when Belinda tries to kiss her

Mark insists he’s fine when Steph announces she’s having lunch with Belinda to clear the air. Meanwhile, Paul has already urged Belinda to persist with her efforts to win Steph back. When Belinda shows up with flowers, Sonya realises shethinks this is more than just lunch. After she leaves Belinda misreads Steph’s friendliness and kisses her – just as Charlie arrives home.

Piper assumes Elly and Tyler spent the night together especially when Elly subtly adds fuel to Piper’s fears. At school, Piper tries to put Elly down in front of the class but Elly turns the tables when she shows up to supervise Piper for detention. Elly implies that Tyler told her that Piper is too immature for him and Piper is devastated.

After cleaning her dress, Xanthe’s determined to get a refund but her hopes are dashed when the store explains they saw pictures of her wearing the dress on Instragram. Ben insists she has to ‘fess up to her dad but when Gary reveals that he paid Ben to take Xanthe to the formal, she dumps him.