Bellamy risks his life for the job

Although he’s having second thoughts about leaving Aidensfield for London, Pc Joe Mason welcomes Pc Wetherby to the village. Meanwhile, nurse Carol is at Ashfordly Grammer to administer vaccinations, and grows concerned when she notices bruises on young Jimmy Masters’ body. Jimmy’s estranged father then arrives at the school demanding to see his son, and is turned away by the headmaster.

Later, Gina is serving Max in the Aidensfield Arms when Jimmy’s step-father George arrives and, without provocation, starts attacking Max. Mason and Wetherby pull the men apart and Wetherby arrests George. Meanwhile, Carol and Bellamy look into Jimmy’s situation, to find out if he’s really being abused. As the truth about the boy’s injuries starts to emerge, Wetherby tells Max that George has been abusing his son.

Unhinged and violent, Max takes Jimmy away from his mother at gunpoint, and threatens anyone that comes near, including Bellamy, Mason, Wetherby and George. Concerned for the boy’s wellbeing, Bellamy steps into the line of fire to try and talk Max round. But he’s unable to calm the menacing father, and as Max pulls the trigger, Bellamy slumps to the ground and dies in Joe’s arms…