Belle agrees to keep quiet

Larry is pleased to learn that Aden is seeing Belle but is shocked when she turns up at the house and catches him swigging whisky. Larry begs her not to tell Aden, and she eventually decides to keep quiet. Has she made the right decision?

Rachel puts Ric’s anxiety attack down to the stress of the robbery and advises him to take some time off work and see a counsellor. But Ric is reluctant to stop working, aware that he has to pay Alf back for the loan.

Upset about Ric, Matilda erupts at Kirsty when she sees her in The Diner, and tells her that Kane deserves to be in jail for what he did to Ric. Later, Ric is shocked when Kirsty turns up to apologise, and tells her that her efforts are unnecessary and she is not responsible for Kane’s actions.

Ric is thrilled when Alf offers him a partnership in a bait shop. Meanwhile, Matilda receives a letter from Western Australia University accepting her into her dream course. Will she turn down the offer and put Ric’s interests ahead of hers?

*Showing on RTE One, Friday August 29*

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