A surprised Aden accepts Belle’s marriage proposal. She wants to get married immediately but he’d rather save for a big wedding. Rachel is also surprised – there’s something she knows about that Belle hasn’t told Aden. Belle asks for Rachel’s help in an application to enable them to be married in two weeks.

Belle tells Irene and Aden she wants to find her father for the wedding. They don’t approve but are supportive. The truth is… Belle is dying, and Aden doesn’t know. Aden tells Nicole he wishes he could give Belle a ring. Aden tells Gibbsy about what happened with Clint. Gibbsy asks Clint about the ring and it becomes clear they’re both doing dodgy deals. Gibbsy gets Aden the ring back. Aden proposes to Belle properly and she joyously accepts.

Irene can’t bring herself to ditch the trawler business, but her main clients are buying fish elsewhere. She tells Aden there won’t be a boat business anymore. Aden tells this to Gibbsy, who offers to run the business for nothing in exchange for a percentage.

Alf asks Tony if Aden could go back to the football team but Tony refuses. Tony finds out that Aden borrowed the money to pay for an engagement ring and forgives Aden.

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