Belle and Bailey are back on!

So Belle is back in touch with Bailey and has organised to go round to his as his wife’s away. Problem is, she’s meant to be going to a gig with Lachlan. Not wanting to miss her chance with her former lover, Belle texts Lachlan and tells him she’s ill ,so isn’t going to be able to go out with him as planned.

At Bailey’s house, Belle’s thrilled when the married man leads her upstairs. But back in the village, Lachlan is all ears when he runs into Cain and learns Belle has lied and isn’t ill at all. Cain, meanwhile, is bang on the money when he starts to wonder if Belle is with her married man.

At Tall Trees, the moment Rhona has been dreading is upon her. Having been invited with Pierce to have tea with April, Rhona is paranoid that Marlon will suss she’s having an affair with Pierce. But Pierce is confident they can use the situation to their advantage and seems to have won over the crowd when he reveals a special cake he’s baked for the occasion.

Rhona’s relieved, but should she be? Turns out perhaps not as Vanessa has clocked the pair together and is suspicious.