Belle begs Nicole to keep quiet

Nicole cottons on to Belle’s drug habit and confronts her about it. Belle swears it’s under control but Nicole has seen it all before with a friend’s mother. Belle begs her not to tell Aden and Nicole agrees, on the condition that it stops – now!

Geoff is upset with Nicole for not leaving the concert with them when Annie hurt her ankle. Nicole is angry with Geoff for not even trying to enjoy himself there. They have yet another argument, accusing each other of being selfish. Eventually they make up, but they’re both left wondering whether things are really supposed to be this hard.

Alf needs an extra pair of hands at the Surf Club. Aden puts Joey forward and she’s doing well behind the bar, until Robbo comes in and taunts her. Martha and Charlie are having lunch there and Charlie sees Joey go into the storeroom. She follows her and finds her crying, but she won’t explain why. Aden later finds Joey sobbing at the wharf and gets her to open up. She tells him what Robbo did to her the night Aden left her on the boat. Aden is horrified as the realisation hits him… Joey was raped.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday March 23*

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