Aden and Belle arrive back having come home from their honeymoon early. It turns out they are doing this in order to reveal and break the news to everyone about her illness. Annie freaks out and runs away. Irene goes into shut-down mode and goes back to work, hurting Belle’s feelings. Aden tries to reach out to Irene, but she’s not really listening. Eventually she snaps at Leah in the Diner in front of everyone and they all find out.

The driver who picked up Nicole is revealed to be Sid Walker, who persuades her to let him take her home. He does so and introduces himself to a relieved Miles and Kirsty. Leah has her doubts about Sid Walker, but Colleen thinks he’s lovely. Indi plans to go to a uni party. She invites Geoff and Nicole, but they are not keen.

Kirsty and Miles are mystified as to why Nicole is behaving the way she is. Also confused is Geoff, but Nicole can’t confide in him. When Kirsty and Miles find out about Belle they realise that’s why Nicole’s been so upset. Geoff comforts Nicole – she tries to kiss him, seeking refuge in sex, but he pulls away. Upset, she marches off to join Indi at the party.

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