Belle follows Drew to the beach to try to discover who his mystery woman is and just as he meets Amanda, she’s interrupted by Lucas who drags her away before she can see Amanda and Drew embrace. Later, Drew turns up at Amanda’s house to clean the pool and ends up seducing her. But as he’s walking down the stairs in his boxers, Belle arrives home and demands to know what’s going on.

Still under the impression that Brad and Martha spent the night together, Sally feels very awkward when she runs into Martha. Her suspicions appear to be confirmed when she hears Martha lie to Alf that she was out with girlfriends last night. The following day, Sally confronts her with her suspicions, and Martha sets her straight, admitting she got horribly drunk and was too embarrassed to come home, so stayed at Brad’s.

Feeling terrible, Sally apologises, but Martha tells Brad about her suspicions and Brad’s livid that Sally thought he’d betray Emily’s memory. He furiously accuses her of being jealous, and suggests they stay out of each other’s way in future. Later, Brad admits to Rachel that he’s attracted to Sally, but he wants to stay away from her to hide from his feelings. Meanwhile, an upset Sally confesses to Alf that she fancies Brad.