As Colleen single-handedly runs The Diner, Alf wonders if he can ask Irene to come back early. But Irene will know that something’s up with Belle, so Belle offers to help. She collapses.

Aden spots Russal doing a drug deal. He sees Russal’s phone ring – it’s Belle calling. He questions Belle, who says she called to tell Russal she’s not buying anything ever again. Aden finds Russal delivering a package Belle didn’t order. Aden warns Russal to stay away.

Belle tells Irene what she wants to hear – she’s fine. Aden’s not happy about her lying. He tells Belle to face facts: she’s a drug addict and has a long way to go. Annie walks in and hears everything.

Kirsty returns from the police station having confessed that she was with Trey the night of the accident. She tells Miles she only saw Trey to get him to sign a letter admitting that nothing happened between them.

Bartlett is furious that Kirsty forced Trey to sign a document that she wrote. She faces losing her job. Trey’s dad sends an email to all parents and staff at the school, exposing the situation. The Education Department gets involved and Bartlett drops another bombshell: Miles is accused of assaulting Trey.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday April 24*

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