While Rosemary is still out of the village, the King brothers decide to organise Tom’s funeral without consulting her first. They’re shocked when they contact the funeral parlour and discover that Rosemary has already had Tom’s body moved to a different undertakers. Rosemary returns and makes it clear to the brothers that she is taking control of the funeral, whether they like it or not.

The Dingles are over the moon when they learn that Belle scored a whopping 98 per cent in her entrance exam. But their celebrations are put on hold when Belle’s teacher, Mrs Burgess, reveals that she was unable to secure a full scholarship for Belle at the private boarding school. With tuition fees costing £2,000 alone, it’s clear that the Dingle family will not be able to send child genius Belle there.

Bob’s interview for a sales job with his old company, Naughty Nylons, is fast approaching and Viv grows increasingly worried that if he gets the job he’ll be unable to spend much time with the babies. Bob is oblivious, however, and spends all day practising his sales pitch on Paul, who does his best to play a difficult customer. Bob is left disheartened and doubting his ability to go back into sales.