Belle confesses to the police!

At the police station, Belle looks remarkably calm despite what she’s about to do. Zak, however, is more worried as he wonders if he’s done the right thing by placing his daughter in the hands of the police. When Belle has made her confession, she agrees to take the police to the spot where she had her fight with Gemma. Later, back at home, Lisa is furious with Zak and says she will never forgive him if anything happens to Belle.

When Ruby and Ali decide to return the stolen money, an angry Seb decides to call the police, but later thinks better of it. Disheartened, Ruby and Ali believe their only remaining hope of having a baby is with Dan, but are still oblivious that he’s had a change of heart about being a sperm donor.

Megan and Jai are keen to spend more time together, but they know they will have to keep their burgeoning romance under wraps. Meanwhile, a smug Declan reveals that he’s declared his love for Charity.