Belle + Debbie = trouble!

Uh-oh. These two together isn’t good. There’s Belle, the teen rebel without a cause (she’s in the doghouse because she told the whole school that Gemma’s had an abortion), and there’s Debbie… Her own daughter Sarah was so scared of her home life that she asked her tutor for help. Enough said. To be fair, though, Debbie is trying to clean up her act by getting rid of the dodgy booze she has stashed at the Dingles. But Belle keeps hanging around, thinking she has a friend in fellow outcast Debbie. She can’t see that Debbie isn’t even a good friend to herself.

Charity and Chas were good friends once, but not any more. Charity wants a few words with Chas about telling Katie she slept with Declan – and you can bet that those words don’t include ‘thank you’. Why would Chas betray Charity like that? Well, after you’ve seduced your niece’s (Debbie) partner (Cameron) and trampled all over her heart, telling tales is really such a little thing…

Finding out her husband slept with Charity is no little thing to Katie, though. It’s massive. She tells Declan she’s going to the police about the body parts found on his festival site and then she moves out (she’s done this so often she probably has a bag packed and ready) – and in with ex-hubby Andy. He’s popular these days!