Belle develops a crush on Dr Bailey!

*First episode*

At the factory, Rishi is really impressed with Belle’s attitude to work and takes her to a trade show as a reward. She’s chuffed when he offers her a trainee manager role alongside her coursework. But Belle’s unexpected mini ‘promotion’ becomes a whole lot more than that when she gets talking to Dr Bailey. Having taken a fancy to the older man, Belle gets very creative with the truth about her work for the Sharmas, and skirts the issue of age. 

On to Holly, Cain tricks his stepdaughter in to getting into the back of his van, and proceeds to lock her in! He tells her they’re off to confront drug dealer Dean once and for all. On a secluded road, they’re soon joined by Dean, who’s offered a deal by Cain on the condition he stays away from Holly…

Having overheard Leyla and David talking, Jacob has jumped to the wrong conclusion. David tries to keep a brave face as he tells Jacob he’s having tests for cancer.
So far, Chrissie and Andy’s passionate fling has stayed secret, leaving Victoria to think her brother is footloose and free to be set up… with Tracy!