Aden is alarmed at how fast Belle is deteriorating and worries the end is near. Belle confirms this when she asks him to call Amanda – it’s time she knew. A drug-free Liam Murphy turns up keen to make amends for the damage he did when using drugs. Aden sends him away as Belle is too tired to deal with him.

Nicole has to make a difficult call to Irene on Belle’s behalf, telling her that Belle wants to see her and the kids. Nicole finds Liam at the diner and tells him that Belle is dying.

Belle has decided to die at home and doesn’t want any invasive treatments. Amanda arrives with Ryan and, refusing to accept Belle is dying, calls an ambulance when Aden pops out. Aden returns just as Belle is being taken to hospital and clashes with Amanda. Belle convinces Aden to let her go to hospital, for Amanda’s sake. But, once there, Amanda tries to arrange for Belle’s treatment to resume, so Rachel and Sid conspire with Aden and Irene to have Belle discharged.

Aden takes Belle back to Irene’s place, where, after saying her goodbyes and reconciling with her mum, she dies peacefully in Aden’s arms.