Still wary of Kelli, Belle arrives at Amanda’s to help with the wedding arrangements and is suspicious when Kelli mysteriously refuses to let Amanda use her mobile phone. Her suspicions grow when she notices Kelli slip an envelope from the mail into her handbag and sees it’s a love letter. Belle confronts her about it, but Kelli lies that the letter just ‘fell into her bag’ and invents a story about being briefly engaged.

Kelli calls Ethan to tell him not to send any more love letters – it’s not worth the risk. Meanwhile, Belle fills Drew in on the morning’s events but Drew thinks she’s reading too much into things. However, Belle is determined to get to the bottom of her aunt’s strange behaviour.

Ric and Matilda enjoy their first night together, and Ric sets the alarm for 5am so she can get home before Tony can discover what she’s been up to. But the next morning, Matilda sleeps through her alarm and is later making her way home.

Just as Sally is ushering Brad out of the door, Tony turns up with a guilty Matilda. Sally berates Ric for lying, but has to defend why she’s kept her relationship with Brad a secret.

*Screened on RTE One, Tuesday May 29*

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