Belle finds Aden with Nicole

Liam shows Belle a newspaper and inside are the photos she took of Liam and his son. Belle’s adamant she didn’t sell them, but Liam doesn’t believe her. Belle arranges a day pass from rehab to investigate. Annie confirms that only Aden saw the shots. Belle goes to his, but walks in on him and Nicole. Belle’s distraught. Back at rehab, Liam’s lawyer has solved the mystery and Liam is back on side.

Charlie and Aden are chatting quietly as Roman’s asleep, but when he’s awoken by a nightmare and sees Charlie there, he’s embarrassed and rude. Aden tells Roman he’s not the only one with problems and reveals that Charlie’s upset at breaking up with her girlfriend and Roman’s shocked – it’s all news to him. Roman visits Charlie and she opens up to him.

Roman knows something is going on between Aden and Nicole but they won’t tell him anything. Nicole tells Aden she thinks they should see each other. But Aden, full of guilt after promising Roman he’d never touch Nicole, is against it. But passion soon overcomes him again…

Belle drops by again later, having seen Nicole and Aden making out, and berates them both. When Roman overhears he’s gutted by Aden’s betrayal and kicks him out.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday May 21*

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