Belle finds out she’s an unpaid intern!

At the factory, Belle still has no idea she’s actually on work experience. Thinking she’s got a bona fide job has done wonders for the troubled teen, but has Lisa made the right decision in secretly paying Belle’s wage and trying to keep her in the dark about her terms and conditions?

Knowing she could do a lot more for the Sharmas, Belle’s chuffed when she gets the chance to help Priya with a technical problem. Which is how Belle ends up finding out she’s not on the payroll – uh oh…

Kirin can’t stop fussing over Vanessa, who’s told him she’s pregnant. The vet is desperate for their secret to stay under wraps but as Kirin flaps about, Rakesh wonders what’s going on.

As Dan’s concern for his injured son Sean grows, worried mum Ali decides they must do something constructive. But when she turns round and tells her partner, Ruby, that they need to move so she can be nearer Sean’s hospital, will Ruby agree?