Belle can barely get out of bed but Aden tells her a day at the farm will lift her spirits. Later, Belle is texting her dealer for more drugs but Colleen says she won’t be paid until later. Belle begs Colleen for the cash, but Colleen refuses. Belle receives a text and rushes out, leaving Nicole suspicious.

Belle uses the necklace Aden gave her to secure some pills. She swears she’ll be back later with cash but the dealers pawn the necklace. Nicole sees the necklace in a pawn shop and tells Aden. Belle rings the shop to try and get the necklace back, but it’s been sold. Aden arrives home and Belle denies his accusations. But when he produces the necklace, Belle is left reeling.

Charlie and Joey arrive home and see Leah, but don’t register that she’s taking two glasses into the bedroom. In bed, Leah and Roman laugh about their secret. Joey begs Charlie to tell her what their kiss meant, but Charlie doesn’t know.

Joey comes to the police station and Charlie is wary. She says they’ll talk tonight. As Joey leaves, Robbo comments on ‘the couple’ and Charlie loses it. Later, Charlie tells Joey that she is going to visit her father for a while, to think.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday April 16*

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