Peter and Amanda are unaware that a mysterious man, Clyde, and a blonde woman, Kelli, are sitting outside the house with binoculars and a camera. As Peter and Amanda head out for dinner, Clyde deactivates the security alarm and smashes a window. Once inside, he searches through a chest of drawers, and when he finds what he’s looking for, makes a phone call.

Drew turns up at the Beach House and tells Belle he knows she still has feelings for him. Belle chucks him out but later admits to Irene that she needs to stay away from Drew while Lucas is away.

At the Hawaiian party, Belle is annoyed to see Drew chatting up a cute girl and accepts a lift home from good-looking stranger Theo. But Belle starts to panic when Theo doesn’t follow her directions and central locks the car, telling her she needs to do as she’s told. Theo takes Belle to a hideout, where Clyde appears and locks her up.

Meanwhile, Amanda and Peter are shocked to arrive home to find a break-in and Amanda discovers her share portfolio is missing. She then gets a call from Clyde, who tells her she must do everything he says if she wants to see Belle again. And Amanda gets another shock when her sister Kelli turns up at the door!

*Screened on RTE One, Wednesday April 11*