Belle gets some unexpected news

Belle is not keen on having a hen night but Aden convinces her. Before the party, she and Rachel see Belle’s specialist. It’s bad news. New tumours have appeared, and the disease is spreading fast. Belle is running out of time.

Martha and Colleen aren’t best pleased that Belle invited Charlie, but Charlie’s pleased to have been included. Belle still manages to appear to be enjoying herself. It’s only when the party winds down that everyone is thrown into a tizz. Rachel starts getting contractions. Tony can’t be contacted and Rachel feels the baby is about to be born!

Aden has no intention of having a stag night, but pretends to have one so that Belle will agree to a hen night. Word spreads and Gibbsy persuades Aden to go for a few drinks. Tony also hears, and being banned from home due to the hen night, also gets an invite. But when Gibbsy sees it’s only the three of them and Alf he calls in back-up: all Aden’s workmates turn up, led by Squirt. Aden gets suitably sozzled and Tony takes him home. The pair have another couple of bonding beers at home, oblivious to Rachel’s plight.

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