Belle goes in search of Murray

Angelo gets Belle off with a warning, but she isn’t satisfied and asks Angelo to use his position to track down Murray, who wasn’t at the protest and isn’t answering her calls. Against his better judgement, Angelo finds her Murray’s address. But when Belle finds Murray, she’s stunned to be told he has resigned from his job after realising he was wrong about the contaminated soil. But when Angelo tells her that twenty grand was deposited into Murray’s bank account, Belle suspects Murray was paid off. Belle goes straight to his house to confront him, but is shocked to find his house completely empty…

Feeling an increasingly personal attachment to little Joe, Rachel visits Dane’s house when the boy doesn’t arrive for his appointment. Dane tells her they missed the bus, and he couldn’t afford a taxi, but Rachel gets suspicious when she sees he can still afford chips and cigarettes.

Taking charge, she puts Joe in the car, and tells Dane she is taking him to his appointment, whether he likes it or not. Dane then cancels another appointment, in order to head to Queensland to find Joe’s mum Lee. Rachel insists Joe is not up to the trip, and suggests he stay with her and Tony while Dane is gone.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday November 11*