Disgraced Zak is back in Emmerdale having been away with new lover Joanie. But the ousted Dingle is soon plunged into further despair when he hears about Aaron, who recently revealed his dad Gordon abused him when he was a child. Desperate to find out more, Zak heads out and runs into Belle. But his estranged daughter has no intention of letting her guard down and in fact tells her dad she blames him for Aaron’s awful past, accusing Zak of not looking after him properly. When dejected Zak arrives back home, he refuses to tell Joanie what’s happened.

At Mulberry Cottage, vicar Ashley is struggling to write his weekly sermon. His concentration is totally blown when he happens upon a half-drunk bottle of booze under the sofa! He’s worried and tells his dad, Sandy, that Laurel may have fallen off the wagon.

Leyla’s relieved when it’s decided she stay on with Jacob and David at Farrer’s.

Kirin panics when he hears his burned out car has been found. Rakesh is convinced he knows someone who can give Kirin good legal help.