Nicole continues to flirt with Geoff and offers him more kissing lessons. Meanwhile, after seeing Melody looking unhappy, Belle tries to get to the bottom of what’s going on by prodding Geoff. He reveals Nicole told him Melody may not be interested in him because of his poor kissing technique. Realising Nicole is manipulating him, Belle tells Geoff he doesn’t need to practice kissing on Nicole and starts hatching a plan to bring Melody and Geoff together again.

When Leah finds Melody’s copy of controversial book Spring Awakening in the Den, she returns it to Melody’s mum Christine. However, Christine is shocked at the book’s content and confronts Miles about giving such inflammatory material to a 15-year-old girl. She tells him she will be calling a P&C meeting to bring the issue out into the open.

Bartlett tries to reassure Christine that everything is under control, and cautions Miles on the problems of the book. Bartlett claims that Spring Awakening promotes teenage rebellion and promiscuity and demands all the books be recalled immediately.

Meanwhile, Jazz tries to convince Miles to let her deal with Bartlett regarding Christine Jones, but Miles is reluctant to have any part in her blackmail.

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