Belle tries to tell Aden about her illness but he’s so excited, she can’t do it. Belle gets nowhere with tracking down her father and decides to give it up. She’ll tell Aden she’s dying after they’re married.

When Angelo breaks up with May, a distraught May asks Leah and Charlie if they know why. Charlie pleads ignorance. Leah suggests things were moving too fast for Angelo. Angelo tells Charlie he’s now single and asks if they can talk. Angelo and Charlie kiss… and May sees them.

Tony is concerned about Rachel still working so close to her delivery date. Rachel treats an Indonesian man without ID. It’s a hectic day and when a heavily pregnant woman arrives, nobody’s free to treat her. She collapses and loses her baby. It’s a wake up call for Rachel. She must look after her baby.

Angelo questions the Indonesian man (who gives his name as Clint Eastwood) but the man doesn’t speak English. Angelo sees Hugo at the hospital and, aware Hugo has lived in Indonesia, asks Hugo to translate. Hugo doesn’t speak much Indonesian and it goes badly. But Angelo senses Hugo recognised the man. Before he can get in another interpreter, the man escapes from the hospital.

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