Belle is abducted by Dom

Drew is frantically looking for Belle, unaware that Dom has abducted her, taking her to an isolated fishing shack. After researching what Belle likes from her MySpace page, Dom has filled the shack with all her favourite things. The memory of kissing Belle is still on Dom’s mind and, hoping to carry on where they left off, he prepares her favourite meal. Trapped in the shack with bars on windows and doors, Belle manages to send a two-word text to Drew before Dom destroys her phone. Dom wants them to kiss again to see if the magic is still there – Belle agrees, providing Dom lets her leave if she doesn’t get a zing out of it.

Meanwhile, having received Belle’s text, Drew enlists Irene’s help and they go to the police, but it’s too early to mount a missing person’s search. Drew quizzes Dom’s Uncle Ray, who reveals the existence of the fishing shack. Drew heads over to the shack where he beats up Dom who still tries to stop Belle leaving. Drew runs him down in his car and takes off, but Belle eventually talks Drew into returning to see if Dom needs help. They return to find a pool of blood outside the shack, but no Dom.

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