Belle has been released on bail, so Zak comforts his daughter as she prepares for court, but it leaves Lisa feeling left out. Having tried to convince Belle to keep quiet about what happened when she last saw Gemma, the teen’s mum is beside herself with worry and frightened that her daughter will end up spending the best years of her life in prison. With Zak and Lisa at loggerheads over his decision to take Belle to the police, the tension mounts in the Dingle household…

After finding out it’s Jacob who’s been stealing from the shop, Val uses it to her own advantage by threatening to rat on him if he doesn’t do what she says. Val thinks she’s got the upper hand when she gets Jacob to help Eric clean the B&B, but will she come to regret blackmailing the young lad?  

Ross continues to store stolen cars in the garage as a nice little sideline for he and Debbie, but when Cain begins to suspect something dodgy is going on, he warns the pair that now is a bad time to be caught doing anything wrong – especially with the police sniffing around the Dingles as they investigate Gemma’s death. Will the conniving pair listen?