Belle is caught inside Bailey’s house! (VIDEO)

While Belle confronts Bailey, over at the doctor’s house jealous teen Lachlan has broken in and is trashing the place! When Belle twigs and rushes over to stop her besotted pal, Lachlan is riled up and on a mission to prove the doctor has no interest in Belle.

When he shows her a print-out of a Christmas holiday Bailey has booked for him and his wife, a row kicks off. But the pair are silenced when they hear a key in the door – the Baileys are back! Lachlan legs it and it’s Belle who’s caught out when she’s forced to grab her bag. With Angie wrongly believing the teen is stalking her husband, rather than sleeping with him, the sight of Belle inside their home, which has been smashed up, doesn’t look good!

Elsewhere, with Cain having asked Holly to do a drugs test, he and Moira are at loggerheads. While the couple row, Holly sneaks off to the loo with Kyle… Has she got a plan to cover up her relapse?

Marlon bumps into Rhona and Pierce and seethes at his ‘Mr Perfect’ act.