With Belle having confessed all to the police, the Dingles rally round to support the teenager in her hour of need. But as she returns to the station to be charged, no one expects her to be charged with her friend’s murder!

Jacob thinks he’s onto a nice little earner as he begins to sell the stash of goods he’s stolen from the shop. But his dodgy enterprise is barely up and running when he’s caught by Val! The young entrepreneur begs her not to tell David and Alicia what he’s been up to, but as Val makes off with the knock-off goods, is she about to land Jacob in seriously hot water?


After their date last week, it looked like it was game over for James and Chas. But when James gives Katie the necklace he bought for Chas and asks her to pass it on to her, Chas is unimpressed by the gift, and says it’s because he’s feeling guilty. Can Katie convince her to give James another chance?