Belle wants to stop her mum from selling her family home to Rishi and sets out to sabotage the sale. As Rishi looks round the house, Belle feeds him a pack of lies about the place, saying there are graves in the garden! It’s all too much for Lisa, who’s received her decree nisi, and tells Belle she’s being selfish.

Later, at the factory, Joanie turns on Belle, urging her to support her mum, who’s in crisis over her marriage ending. But will Belle take kindly to a talking from home-wrecker Joanie?

David’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders having been told by the doctor that he’s got a lump on his testicles. When Leyla catches him trying to take a photo of the lump, she’s floored when he explains he might have cancer.

Apologising to her mum for causing more trouble, Holly tells Moira she wants drug dealer Dean out of her life. At the garage, Cain has his eye on Holly and demands she hand over the cash when he spies one of his customers paying her for work. Meanwhile, Moira approaches Charity with an idea.