Belle is offered drugs at the concert

Nicole is thrilled when Annie and Jai get free tickets to a Liam Murphy concert. Geoff reluctantly goes along but doesn’t enjoy himself. When Annie gets hurt during a crowd surge and Nicole won’t leave, an angry Geoff heads off with Annie and Jai. Belle, suffering from drug withdrawals, is reporting on the concert. She’s offered drugs by Liam Murphy himself. Can she resist the temptation?

Miles is reeling from Kane turning up on his doorstep and can’t believe it when Kane blames him for the breakdown of his marriage – he didn’t even know Kirsty and Kane had split up. When Kirsty finds out Kane hit Miles she is horrified and takes Kane to apologise. Kane leaves Summer Bay, after making Kirsty promise that she won’t get back together with Miles.

Lou donates seafood for Colleen’s speed dating event and is surprised that she’s signed him up. Lou’s not keen and offers to help in the kitchen so Roman can take his place. Put on the spot, Roman can’t refuse. Roman and Leah seem to be seeing each other in a new light and Irene and Lou get on very well in the kitchen. Could love be blossoming in The Diner?

*Showing on RTE One, Friday March 20*

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