Belle is rushed to hospital

Aden is frantic as Belle is rushed into hospital. Although there are no internal injuries, she has been very badly beaten. Convinced Angelo was responsible, Aden heads off to the police station to make a statement. He loses it when he sees Angelo there, but Angelo seems genuinely shocked to hear about Belle. He admits he and Belle had a heated exchange but insists he’d never attack her.

Elsewhere, Belle recovers sufficiently to tell her version of events. However, as she is recalling what happened, Angelo barges in and goes ballistic at her, protesting his innocence. With even Charlie beginning to doubt he is innocent, Angelo gets a call from Murray who wants to know if Belle got the photos alright.

Angelo realises someone followed Murray and ended up hurting Belle. He begs Murray to go to the police, but Murray is too scared. Angelo convinces Murray to meet up, but Tim arrives instead. Tim tells Angelo that Murray has been taken care of and if Angelo wants to escape the assault charges, he’ll give the developers what they need.

Also, hurt Charlie gives Roman food for thought.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday January 14*

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