Belle is torn between Aden and Angelo

After being run off the road, Belle is rushed to hospital unconscious. Meanwhile, Murray arrives at the crash site, telling police that Belle asked him to retrieve some important documents from her car. Luckily, Belle isn’t seriously hurt, but she can’t remember anything. Evidence reveals that no other car was involved, and police don’t even believe Belle was on the road. And when Angelo goes looking for the documents, Murray claims they were missing when he got there.

Meanwhile, Aden is frustrated at having to keep his affair with Belle a secret. Belle pleads with him to be patient, telling him she can’t break up with Angelo, as she needs him on her side when she takes her findings to the police. But her deception is not only hurting Aden but is making her feel guilty as Angelo plays the supportive boyfriend while she’s in hospital. How much longer can she keep this up?

Nicole and her mum Natalie go on a girls’ night out, but Nicole is unimpressed when Natalie ditches her to spend the night dancing with a man she’s just met. Having drunk too much, Natalie insists Nicole drives them home, despite her lack of a licence, and they’re pulled over by the police.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday December 16*

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