Belle leaps off a roof!

When Belle meets Lachlan at the cricket pavilion she’s prepared to do whatever it takes to make him delete the incriminating photo. Lachlan’s surprised by how far Belle would go to destroy the image, but he manages to persuade her that they should just hang out together. But as they chat on the pavilion roof,  Belle hears Gemma’s voice again and suddenly leaps off!

As Katie and Andy make plans for their wedding, Diane decides to give them Jack’s wedding ring and suggest they could melt it down to create two rings. Andy’s touched by the gesture, but Diane soon begins to wonder if she’s done the right thing when Victoria points out she should have run it by Robert first.

After making a move on her gay pal Finn, Victoria’s determined to make amends with him, while Chrissie worries that the recent raid at Home Farm isn’t an isolated incident and that there could be more trouble to come…