Belle looks to Aden for support

After Annie tells Irene why Geoff’s gone, Belle’s feeling overwhelmed but Aden is comforting. Irene agrees to stop drinking but still feels depressed. Aden tells Rachel he wants Belle back, but she advises him just to be her friend for now. Aden asks Belle if he should back off but Belle says she needs his friendship. Later, Angelo tells Belle that the ballistics report has arrived and Irene will be charged with Lou’s murder.

Xavier asks Martha when Hugo’s coming back, and Martha snaps at him. She’s hurt by Hugo’s absence. Xavier worries that if Hugo and Martha don’t make up, he might have to leave. This worries Ruby, who decides to investigate. She comes to the conclusion that Martha fancies Hugo.

Tony invites Angelo to do some weight training with him. Alf sees them talking and is surprised. When he asks Tony about it, Tony snaps that he’s just trying to move on, like everyone has been telling him to. Alf tells Martha and Rachel about it, and Martha criticises Tony. Martha then has a go at Angelo, who points out that if Tony is offering forgiveness he can’t knock it back. Tony tells Rachel he’s only trying to move on and Rachel accepts this.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday June 25*

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