Beware, Belle! She’s falling for dangerous Lachlan again

Belle had better watch out, as she continues to fall for criminal best friend Lachlan. But does he feel the same way?

Troubled teenagers Belle and Lachlan have been reconnecting as they attempt to put their criminal pasts behind them. Trouble is, she is now falling for dangerous Lachlan and despite warnings about his reputation she can’t seem to stay away from the attempted murderer!

She is ready to declare her feelings to Lachlan, but is not impressed as he continues to flirt with Sookie, the new intern at Home Farm. Is Lachlan just using Sookie to make her jealous? Or is the scheming lad just leading Belle on, meaning she’s destined for heartbreak? Whatever you do Belle, watch out!

Elsewhere in the village, Debbie is still wary of the close bond between her dodgy grandma Faith and Debbie’s daughter Sarah. She still doesn’t completely trust Faith. So when Faith starts acting shifty and takes the Bentley out for a drive, Debbie’s on a mission to find out what she’s up to…