Belle meets her nephew

While the Emmerdale adults are mainly focused on who lamped Cain with a lump of iron, none of them are paying close attention to the young ‘uns, Belle and Sean. Belle wants to see Amy’s baby – her nephew – and Sean decides to help her. But he doesn’t escort Belle to Hotten General in a gentlemanly fashion – he nicks Ruby’s car and drives her there! They get to see the baby then make a run for it before the midwife nabs them. But they don’t get past Debbie, who’s been visiting Cain. Busted! But Ruby’s more understanding than Sean has a right to expect.

Farmer John’s behaviour is difficult to understand… He swears he didn’t put Cain in hospital, but he expects to go to prison, which is why he wants Declan to buy back the farm. Wow! He’s not acting like an innocent man. But Declan doesn’t care either way; he doesn’t want to do business with John.

Aaron, on the other hand, would very much like to meet John – but just to give him a good hiding. He’s back from his course and wants revenge for Cain and from what he’s heard John is the bad man. Funny, isn’t it, that pretty much everyone else thinks Cain is the baddest man in town and that’s why he’s in hospital…