Belle needs pills, but where will she get them?

Belle is down to her last pill and desperately needs some more. While interviewing Rachel for a story, she goes to pocket some Diazepam but Rachel sees her and grows suspicious. Interviewing another doctor, Belle says she needs something to help her sleep. The doctor obliges. Belle is feeling confident and asks yet another doctor for a prescription. But Paula has just found her empty pill bottles at work…

Irene is loved up with Lou. Colleen asks her why Lou keeps giving Irene bottles of wine when she can’t drink. Irene confesses she hasn’t told Lou about her alcoholism. But Lou asks Irene about her past – as she knows everything about him – Irene is forced to tell all. Lou is very accepting – he’s happy she got her life back on track and asks her out to dinner that night. Irene is thrilled.

Leah is at her wits’ end with VJ’s recent behaviour and now Joey in the house. When VJ stays home sick and Charlie watches him, it’s an unlikely Joey that befriends VJ and picks up on the tension he’s feeling about Leah dating George. Joey raises the issue with Leah, who then cancels her date with George. VJ is very pleased and Leah is surprised by Joey’s insight.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday April 6*

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