Belle and Murray are on stake-out duty again and see men in biohazard suits loading partially corroded drums into a truck. Belle takes photos, and is pleased that they seem to have finally found the proof needed to shut down the development. Back in the car, she hands her camera to Murray, but is interrupted by a call from Angelo, telling her that he has just found out that the money deposited in Murray’s account comes from a company linked with the developers. He has been lying to her all the time.

Meanwhile, Tim and a few security guards from the site head towards Belle who tries and fails to start the car. Murray refuses to hand the camera over and she bolts into the bush. She finds Angelo but when they get back to the site, everything and everyone is gone.

Melody vows that Geoff will be hers by the end of the Surf Club Halloween party and Nicole is furious when Melody arrives at the bash in the exact same costume as her. When the lights go out for a moment, Melody kisses Geoff, who is as surprised as Nicole who is furious. Melody claims she cares about Geoff more than Nicole, and they’re meant to be together. Angry Nicole blurts out that she and Geoff have slept together, leaving Melody crushed.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday January 5*

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