Belle is struggling with her feelings of guilt – but Lisa is determined that no one ever finds out why Belle feels so guilty. Her plan is to help Belle forget that she ever pushed Gemma and caused her to fall and hit her head and die. Really? Lisa’s going to need some powerful drugs or a powerful hypnotist for that – and she’s going to have to keep Belle away from Dom. The very sight of him triggers Belle’s need to confess all so Lisa has to act fast when Belle opens their door and finds a grieving Dom on the doorstep.

Pollard knows he has to do something to save Val from herself and encourages her to go to a support group for people living with HIV. Hmmm… That doesn’t sound as much fun to Val as getting drunk – but it is more practical. It’s not Pollard who gets Val to a meeting, though, it’s Victoria…

Finn’s enjoying business meetings with Declan and Charity’s not angry any more. In fact, she’s amused… Because she can see that Finn wants to work on Declan more than he wants to work with him. Yes, the youngest Barton boy has a crush on Declan!