Belle snaps!

*First episode*

Belle’s agreed to help out at the vets’ but her poor attitude doesn’t go down too well with Vanessa, who suggests Paddy has a word with the teenager. When Edna comes into the surgery, still shaken after the burglary, and tells receptionist Pearl about her missing brooch, a paranoid Belle snaps and Vanessa is forced to intervene. Later, Paddy finds Belle crying and is thrown when she tells him what Vanessa said to her…

Lawrence has decided to deal with Ross in his own way, so with a few friends in high places he plots to make life very difficult for the Bartons. Pete soon realises the family are paying the price for Ross’s crimes when the local abattoirs reject their business, there’s an impromptu inspection at the garage and a tax enquiry occurs! Later, Lawrence tells the Bartons that he’s behind their troubles and will not cease until Ross admits the truth about the robbery!

When Kirin announces that he wants to go to university, Rakesh thinks Vanessa is to blame. Meanwhile, Val plans a casino night at the B&B.