Belle takes her findings on Annie’s soil samples to Rachel, who realises that Joe’s house backed onto the contaminated area as well. Although she is interested, she puts it down to coincidence, and refuses to give Belle access to medical records without a police request. Angelo does agree to request them, but Fitzgerald isn’t having any of it.

Meanwhile, after Leah adds a few more names to the possible cancer list, including her ex-husband Vinnie, Rachel decides to do some research on cancer patients in the area, and the results are alarming. Although she still can’t give Belle the medical records, Rachel does give her a list of patients’ names and addresses in the area for Belle to try and obtain individual consent to use their medical records.

Kirsty finally tells Miles she’s been working so hard because she needs to get cash for Kane’s appeal. Miles is angry that she could keep the truth from him for so long. The next day, Miles confronts Bartlett about keeping Kirsty’s secret from him as well. Assuming Kirsty has told Miles everything, Bartlett lets slip about the escort work, and Miles erupts in fury, slamming Bartlett up against the lockers in front of a hallway full of students.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday December 9*

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