Belle struggles to live with Aden

Aden is being messy around the house and Belle realises living with him isn’t going to be as easy as she thought. She complains to Aden and they end up kissing. Belle makes a jokey comment about kids and Aden starts thinking about the level of his commitment to Belle. He tells Nicole that he’s thinking about proposing. Nicole thinks it might be too soon but agrees to help him find a ring. Aden puts down a deposit on a ring.

Jai is freaking out over the sex tape. Xavier encourages Jai to talk to Trey about this. Jai confronts Trey who insists Jai hand over the second memory card to him so he can destroy it; Jai reluctantly complies. Nicole tells Jai how much Trey means to her and Jai is not sure whether he did the right thing giving Trey the card.

Irene discovers photos of her and Lou taken by a PI hired by Donna. Is there a chance Donna had a hand in Lou’s murder? Angelo talks to the PI who reveals that Donna knew where Lou’s boat was at all time. Donna emerges as the leading suspect for Lou’s murder. Then Angelo discovers that Lou’s trawler has been sunk overnight.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday July 14*

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