Belle struggles with life on the outside

Belle’s back in the village after her incarceration, but it’s becoming clear she’s having trouble trying to settle back into her old life. Lisa’s beside herself with worry when she discovers Belle has skipped her first day at school and then finds that she has dyed her hair a dark colour – it’s enough to bring on her angina! Meanwhile, Chrissie’s son Lachlan finds Belle at Gemma’s shrine and she absolutely loses it when his dog tramples over it and he quizzes her about her friend’s death.

Andy’s refused to help Lawrence with his plan to oust Robert from the village, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t like to see the back of his trouble-making brother. So how will he react when Lawrence comes back with another proposition?
Jacob isn’t keen when his mum, Alicia, tries to get him to reconcile with Noah, and Ashley’s given new hope when Harriet admits she enjoys spending time with him.