Belle takes revenge on Edna

*First episode*

Belle’s alarmed when Lisa and Zak arrange for her to see a doctor, and isn’t impressed when Dr Cavanagh suggests counselling. Meanwhile, it’s clear that the teenager is on a mission to cause hurt and damage as she searches the house for a sharp object. In the village, Belle makes an out-loud promise that she won’t go to counselling and that she will teach Edna a lesson! When she sees the elderly local going home, Belle follows unseen and creeps into her house… what is she planning to do to the old woman?

After visiting the doctor, Nicola’s furious to be labelled an elderly mum-to-be by the medic! To cheer her up, Bernice buys fake baby bumps for her and Jimmy in an attempt to show they know what Nicola’s going through.

Elsewhere in the village, David’s reluctant to carry on with the football team, but is soon pressured into forging ahead with the idea, Victoria and Finn bond over their disastrous love lives and make a pact to marry if they are both single when they are 30.