As Aden’s court case looms, his lawyer tries to persuade him to bring up the abuse he suffered as a child, but he refuses, even if it means going to jail. Unable bring up the major motivation for Aden’s crime, his lawyer has a tough task ahead. Belle takes the stand and begins to talk about the abuse, but when Aden realises what’s happening, he explodes and fires his lawyer on the spot. Later, Belle is disturbed when Aden goes berserk at her, kicking and thumping Angelo’s car, when she’s driving. So when a brick is hurled through the windscreen that night, she wonders if Aden has lost it completely.

Charlie and Morag continue to disagree on how best to treat Ross, with Charlie upset when she learns Morag has taken Ross off one of his medications. Later, Morag gets angry when she finds Ross near collapse after Charlie takes him to the gym. In an effort to ease the tension, Ross asks Charlie to back off. Charlie assumes Morag put him up to it, which causes even more grief. With the stress building up, Morag decides to take on Aden’s case to escape.

Also, Alf is unimpressed to hear that Bridget told Martha the details of their date.

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