Still not over Aden, Belle is keen to take things slow with Angelo, despite his strong feelings for her. Meanwhile, she feels like she’s lost her passion and doubts her future as a photographer. Later, things start looking up when she is approached by Murray Buchanan, the environment officer for the local council.

Familiar with the work she did for the Coastal News, he wants her to help him stop a local development he claims is being built on a toxic waste dump. Though doubtful at first, Belle agrees to help.

When Ruby arrives for dinner with Ross, she can’t understand why Morag is so worried by his disappearance. Elsewhere, Charlie’s out driving when she almost runs Ross over as he stumbles into the middle of the road. She finds him confused and disoriented, and is convinced something is up, although he attributes his state to wine, sleeping pills and jet lag.

Later Morag tries to talk to Ross about his state of mind, but Ross is unwilling to talk things through. Finally, Morag cracks, telling Alf that Ross is no longer the man she married.

Also, Martha feels the worse for wear after her first chemo session.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday November 3*

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