Belle teases Jules about Cassie

As Cassie, Belle, Drew and Jules clean the classrooms, as punishment for bad behaviour, Belle winds Jules up about his feelings for Cassie, with Jules retaliating by saying that it’s obvious she and Drew still fancy each other. The tension escalates until Brad is forced to separate them, putting Cassie and Jules in one room, Belle and Drew in another.

Alone, Belle and Drew almost come clean about their feelings for each other, when they’re interrupted by Jules and Cassie having a water fight next door. However, Cassie ends up injuring her ankle, leaving Jules immediately concerned and Cassie suspecting he may indeed have feelings for her.

Kim and Rachel pick up baby Archie to give Kit a day off. Kit is becoming increasingly aware of her feelings for Kim, while Hugh is continuing to hide his love for Rachel. Later, when they’re alone, Hugh finally comes clean to Rachel about his feelings but, scared of her own emotions, Rachel panics and makes it clear that she’s only interested in friendship.

Also, Matilda is curious about her sister Kit’s tense reaction at seeing Kim and confronts her. She’s stunned when Kit admits she thinks she’s falling in love with Kim.

*Screened on RTE One, Wednesday August 8*

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